Sorina Bucuras – Sorste


Sorina Bucuras

We work with world-class companies that have chosen us because we are good and very good in textiles. Excellency defines us. But I always felt I had to prove that because our image did not say the excellence I felt. We had to supply the brand with arguments, reports and not only, which cost us time and money …. until we come to meet INOVEO.

Through an interactive process based on workshops at our headquarters in Focsani, our entire team of engineers, designers, designers, foremen and department chiefs have brought us the essence. When we presented the two creative variants, we found them right away. We decided on the spot. Including the prints made through them defines us. Now I have that trust in excellence since I stretched my business card at the first meeting. It seems trivial, but so important in our industry.

I recommended them. Work with them too!