Roro Stirbu – Guilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasure

Roro Stirbu
Artisan Ciocolatier

Imagine the beginning: an entire four-person team listening in four lengthy meetings all that a potential customer can tell, in this case being Guilty Pleasure – love made chocolate.

I have always wondered what fantastic interior resort these people have so much patience to listen to, and then, through play, relaxation, words close to the soul and our need, to get to what we will be loved, but it will be and passion for our brand. I now recognize that this state created in us by our countless questions that have found real creative responses have made us want to continue with Inoveo in the detriment of the other two companies we were already curtailed. We were very close to the moments when every shade of color, no matter how thin or a font of letters, was supported by the team of people with professional ardor, but especially with imagination and innovation. At all subsequent meetings we were fascinated by the inner and unseen resource of Dochita’s creations. Just as dreams and plans come from close to close, we have felt that we have a role and a meaning for the Brand they created, so we think a little bit of the Inoveo team is all we have in everything they did with the immense Dochita dedication and everyone in the team.