Romina Ardelean – Progresiv


Romina Ardelean
Coordinating Editor

The collaboration between Progressive and Inoveo was a match made in the sky, and I say that by thinking about how important it is to have that chemistry between you and your collaborators that makes 50% of the project already under way after the first talks.

I met Dochita for lunch, with no agenda in mind, at a time when the company did not have any rebranding plan, although there were more needs in this area. For those who do not know, Progressive is the first and most important business-to-business publication in Romania, with a vast portfolio of conferences targeting the retail and FMCG industry. But beyond the expertise in publishing and events, Progressive is the platform that helped grow the industry, create a community of its professionals. And the Inoveo team immediately understood all these facets of the Progressive brand. The first project together – the rebranding of the biggest annual event of the local industry, the Progressive Conference – brought a radical change not only at branding, image, but also in the strategic growth of the concept. There are three years since then, and so many projects have been done together, all of which have been successful. Most recently, the branding of the Progressive Awards competition was perhaps the most exciting because it assumed a zero-built construction with great pressure over time, and the impact was – again – very high. In fact, what I mean is that if you are looking for a trusted partner with whom to speak the same language, attention to detail, to the values ​​of the company, acting in good faith and advising you what to do with the risk of not being – at times – what you like, Inoveo it’s the one.