Ovidiu Oltean

Ovidiu Oltean



We say it easier because when we met and asked for a quotation, Ovidiu told us with much passion about the symbols his logo emblazoned at that time. I immediately found a common language and we met on this beautiful journey.

We even bought services from Ovidiu because we like to support such courageous initiatives. We shot two rabbits at once: (1) That’s how our team from Ovidiu learned that any presentation must be carefully prepared and that there is no good speech without serious documentation. Let’s not say about the role-plays we have specially made for us and we also had fun at our Dacia 30 offices at the time. (2) In this way I understood in depth what it represents.

Even if he was an atypical client for us at the time, being a one-man show, solopreneur, we embraced his request because we liked the enthusiasm and the passion he was talking about about training, communication, workshops and what he wanted build. It resulted in a minimalist creative path that represents 100%. We have stayed connected with Ovidiu, and even if we are in Bucharest and he is in Cluj, we follow him on facebook and we are happy for any action he takes. And we are very happy that we are part of the success story of a determined and determined Transylvanian. And we apologize for repeating his name, but it is all with Ovid Oltean in this project.