Mariana Georgescu – Bel Punto

Bel Punto

Mariana Georgescu

The INOVEO meeting was the first step for me to work with the top professionals I felt I needed. We would have told them from other clients of theirs. As you want the best for the baby you grow, I also wanted to work with the best for my brand.

Throughout the project, I had the opportunity to see my own team working in the INOVEO workshop, and found out how much people want to be part of this story and make their contribution to creation. Then when the results were presented to us, we were totally found in our identity.

In addition, for me personally, it was also an essential help in the process of clarifying the direction in which I wanted to go with the company. I still have some phrases in some discussions with Dochita, which help me better to make decisions – for example, when I look at a sketch, I think if we produce that product, it is the product as we have the image we have ? Is it in line with customer expectations?

The result was far beyond what I hoped, all I had to explain in thousands of words, and found expression in the image built by INOVEO, in a way so harmonious with the brand name and especially in a way in which all I was rotating in the mechanism in my head was deciphered almost telepathically and placed coherently on a throat that would make things work.

The materials we received were exactly as we discussed from the beginning. Moreover, I received help later and for other challenges I needed, of course, with the same inspiration of professionals.

I am proud to have worked the BEL PUNTO brand with INOVEO and I recommend it all the way!