Istvan Hutton – Metamob


Istvan Hutton
Co Owner

We chose to work with Inoveo because it had the most convincing working methodology, namely that before the creation of the new Logo, it also emphasized the brand’s values, both in-house and in-house research. In conclusion, he convinced us their working methodology, and the process itself lasted a month.

The new visual identity represents us, it shows what we are and we want to be, Inoveo has succeeded in molding our values ​​and visions by addressing the themes in more depth. We have very positive feed-backs, the new visual identity is to our employees, clients and partners. We are at the beginning of rebranding, but it seems to be helping us to create a more relevant image in the eyes of our customers, but also to expand our export activity, penetration into external markets where customers are more attentive and at details of visual identity. Inoveo is an ideal partner for those companies that want a more strategic approach to branding, not just a logo, not just a coat, want to know why that coat is wearing and how it can reflect their inner values. We recommend to entrepreneurs with great expectations for their rebranding, who want to go to another level of business.