Horia Szabo – Conacul Archia

Horia Szabo

Marketing Director, Conacul Archia


A mail request made us board our car at 5 am, driving about 470 kilometers to Archia. Just as from Bucharest to Radauti … peanuts. It was Deva, more precisely. Hunedoara, the furnaces, the landscape a bit grimy … so we all have the same picture. For our geography at that time, Archia was just a nice name. It was not a settlement as I discovered later. The site could be improved, but good part, they had a very good name.

There followed a discussion with the young Horia and her mother, Virginia Szabo, the business architect, but also with the family pillar, Mr. Szabo. We liked them. The delicious story was the basis for understanding the need. They wanted to develop a contemporary website. They did not want the head to change the logo. It was only developed at the initiative of Mrs. Szabo with a designer. And what is created by you is the most beautiful, the smartest, the most.

The good part is that we arrived at the time when it was difficult to choose from the three proposed routes. I can confirm it too. We still remember this now … the presentation took place in Bucharest, at our Baneasa offices, at that time. There were all three entrepreneurs: parents and son. They came with excitement and left with confidence. Mother was decided from the beginning. And as a skilful woman with arguments she helped make the decision. I also had a syncope. They did not like the text. We had to change the copywriter. I did it. This project also marked a new thing for our team. We’ve co-opted Vali for programming the site, which later became our colleague. From this project we have developed the online division. And conacularchia.ro is our first inhouse website.