Florin Tat – Imacoolat


Florin Tat
CEO & Founder

With Dochita I met many years ago, I was colleagues in an EMBA program. I knew he was in the branding area. So, when the need for a brand consultant emerged, we looked to see what the projects had done in the meantime and we decided that INOVEO was the first choice for us.

We met, we said what we wanted for our business in terms of brand and we agreed with the INOVEO team the steps (formal steps) that we will follow in the course of the project.

The project was both technical and creative. I participated in a workshop, then we were given several creative routes from which we chose the one that best suits our business profile. All in all, what was delivered was beyond our expectations. Anyone who needs branding should turn to them with confidence!

If INOVEO were not in the same room with me, I would say about them: Fine people, professionals, it’s a pleasure to work with them! : )