Eduard Petrescu – Bikevertising


Eduard Petrescu

We were looking for a branding agency to help us create a new product, unique to the Romanian market, namely bicycle advertising.

We have been working for more than 10 years in the indoor advertising industry, but for a new project we needed first of all the brand identity expertise. We simply could not start something new without a correct image that propelled our product.

Before making the decision to collaborate with Dochita Zenoveiov and the INOVEO team, I had meetings with two other branding agencies, but the first meeting was with Dochita, which brought me clarity and confidence that things will be in good hands. : )

Dochita is the kind of person who intuitively intuites and synthesizes both image and business needs, and then translates these ideas into tangible things with her team.

Bikevertising, which means advertising on bikes, was supposed to be cool as a picture and professional as execution; is a promotional tool that, besides its purpose of being effective, visible, eco-friendly, also has the bonus mission, say, to spark a smile in the corner of your mouth when you meet on the street with advertising bikes.

INOVEO is the kind of flexible agency that takes brilliant ideas and the inspiring way of being Dochita, embracing unpredictable ways when designing a brand identity.

Good brands are those who get to be loved by people, and INOVEO has the “know how” to take a firm name or just an idea and set it on a path to success.