Dan Mircescu – Final Distribution

Final Distribution

Dan Mircescu
General Manager

Collaboration with Inoveo began in late 2009, when we chose to partner with an enthusiastic and passionate, in love with marketing team, who is not afraid to create bold brands.

We decided then that it was time for a refresh of our company brand, Final Distribution. Inoveo were the ones who redefined our identity and brand design. The collaboration was a positive one for our company’s direction, and the services delivered by Inoveo were excellent. The partnership then extended to the product brand, and Novatik is the result of completing our company’s portfolio with a 100% roof top roofing system in Romania. The Inoveo team knew how to create brand identity so our product could resonate with the target market. We warmly recommend Inoveo because he carries out his work with integrity and professionalism. They knew how to extract the information from us and transposed it into competitive advantages for our brands, which made us different from our competitors. Thanks INOVEO, thank you Dochita!