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Megagen Romania

Claudiu Chiru

Following discussions with Megagen shareholders, it was clear that we needed a change in how we communicate and how we looked and we were reporting to the industry we were operating in. We decided to take a bold step, becoming the first dental implant company in Romania to launch a patient education campaign with partners of dentists.

Our goal is to awaken in the patient’s mind the need for information and awareness of the need to improve oral health. For this, the patient needs to contact the dentist!

Easy to say, but quite difficult to turn these ideas into reality, we had two lines of communication – the medical environment where things are clear and rigorous, and that of the recipient of the products and the medical act – the patient.

Here INOVEO appeared to the scene …

After the first discussions it was clear that the challenge was in line with INOVEO’s professionalism. Discussions followed, focus groups with patients and doctors, internal workshops, training sessions, all to realize the complexity of the message that will be transmitted inside and outside Megagen.

Initially, there were two creative routes, in the choice of the final version we weighed the way in which medical communication should be approached and here I refer to clarity and objectivity. This route, in turn, was divided into two lines of communication, one for medical staff and one for patients.

Due to the clarity of the INOVEO message, the decision was taken quickly, the solutions received were in line with the brief and we went to the next steps. The spot was made with a professional shooting team at the recommendation of INOVEO and the result can be seen in the quality of the TV spot.

The end result was as expected and the action was well received by dentists and patients!

We are aware and grateful that working with INOVEO as a branding agency has added value to Megagen and we believe that in the development process of each company it is vital to choose reliable partners to get the results you want!

If INOVEO were not in the same room with me, I would just say so – a trustworthy partner!