Monica Dona
Maerketing Coordinator

I saw INOVEO again during Austral’s Anniversary pitch. We’ve worked with them before on a piece of the Lugera-The People Republic rebranding project and I did not hesitate for a second to invite them to the creative negotiation table.

The expectations were great this time: maximum creativity, reasonable budget and specialists who know what, when and how in branding. It was extremely important for us to have chemistry with the agency and to know that we can rely on them anytime. I have seen this since the pitch. They quickly understood our need and flipped perfectly on expectations, and then almost did not feel we were working with an agency. We had our own branding department that responded promptly and creatively to all the challenges we were launching.

I’m proud of the project, it was a wonderful experience and I’m glad we could work with INOVEO.

I highly recommend for creativity, the ability to understand brands and to place them effectively in both internal and external communications, for the delicacy with which he manages the relationship with the client and the conscientiousness with which he engages in each stage of the project.