Andu Hanea – Andu

Andu Hanea

Marketing Director, Andu


We were at the headquarters near Cismigiu when he visited us for the first time from Sibiu. He spoke a little, but decided. He was young. We had to convince our parents that rebranding is needed. In an industry like their own – cotton products – where you beat on the one hand with brands such as Nike and Adidas, on the other hand with Turkish products or Chinese. How do you solve it? Olt Valley and the tyrants became our colleagues. The following steps were followed, and then the final exam presented the creative routes. Mom and son were happy. Father-pocker-face … transformed intro the eagle’s eagle. And I did not understand. Until the first articulation of Mr. Hodea Senior: “I’m sorry!”. I only understood when he explained that since the business he drew and redefined the word Andu, that is, the name of the brand, in the same way; but what we have managed to do in weeks has surpassed any imagination. I explained that it’s “normal stuff” for our designers. And you do not have to be brilliant, just to interpret some data and turn the entrepreneur’s ideas into visual. Then implementation followed. We enjoy the elephant andu. The received trainings we received today even more than 6 years after the start of the project.

Then every visit to Bucharest or to Sibiu we call and tell us. And it’s beautiful when you see an evolving brand. It’s like a family with out-of-date members who see family events and then tell them, in one night all their lives. From a team of about 20 people, today Andu has reached over 100 and a store in the Mall of Sunplaza Bucharest. We’ve been ordering shirts from them ever since. If you see us with white or black T-shirts written with Einstein, you know that Andu T-shirts. With Andu we also won an international award in the USA. Last year, Andu T-shirts reached our Megagen customers in Korea. Yes, South :). As the North is still under his hand.