Ana Bazga – Patisseries Gourmandes

Patisseries Gourmandes

Ana Bazga
National Manager

When I decided to make a brand of Gourmandes Patisseries for Romania, I did not know where to start and who to work with, so I went with dozens of agencies until we reached Dochita – I found INOVEO on Google and I liked their portfolio. I was already accustomed to the classic pattern of meeting with the agency and I was pleasantly surprised by the change – a human approach, a discussion focused on the project’s understanding and not the signing of the contract – was the first meeting of the brand, of the back process , about a method. We chose to work together because I felt like here at INOVEO, my brand will not be a colorful logo but it will be a well-thought-out story. And I was right.

The creative process was a very exciting one in which I was involved with weekly updates and I saw, together with the team, how the brand was out in front of us. It’s almost magical when you think that we have arrived in the agency with a brief shortcut and that’s why things have evolved and shaped out what POFTIS is now – a fresh and playful snacking brand that keeps its French essence.

Since then, nearly two years have passed since we continued to work together – for both POFTIS and adjacent projects of the company. Some are simple and happen quickly, others take more time and more feedback but one thing is constant: it’s always a discussion with constructive feedback and a good collaboration between us.

On today’s super-competitive market, the brand is essential in all areas of business, and at INOVEO you will find a structured process that tells you the story and a talented team that puts it in pictures ready to be sold to your customers.