Alina Grozescu – Wellington


Alina Grozescu

We started the project with Dochita believing that we needed rebranding and we discovered together that it was, in fact, necessary to launch a new brand. One that we feel is totally our development directions.

I mean, it was supposed to start from scratch. A new identity with a fresh image calibrated so as to help us increase our turnover in a consistent way. And it happened faster and nicer than we expected. From name, to logo, and then to visual identity, things have gotten more contour and crystallized exactly as we wanted. No year after launch, Wellington is already part of our culture as if it had been there forever. And that’s because the method they use is so strong that the whole Wellington team finds itself in this new brand created by them. The materials are very strong. Wellington is today a healthy lifestyle that we feel, we breathe and inspire our clients. It’s an achievement that I’m sure I could only touch with them