The health of your website is just as important as your own.

The website is a body that grows alongside your brand and your business and that any health problems can occur for any body. These can be resolved by periodic maintenance.

Creating a website is a long and complicated process. Its launch should never be considered the point where development is stopped, and maintenance is a process that, unfortunately, many ignore it from the desire to save money or do not understand why it is necessary.

Anyone who wants to maintain a professional image and wants their business to grow needs the website to be maintained and updated periodically and this is generally done by an internal IT team or through a contract with another company. It is recommended that website developers be the ones who perform and maintain.

Advantages and Reasons

There are many reasons to do maintenance, but the main ones are: Updates to the framework in which the website was created (such as WordPress), updates to the plugins used, backups, extra security, and solving bugs / problems that occur over time. And last but not least, the priority of the project with maintenance in front of the other sporadic projects.

To better understand, WordPress can take a lot of updates in a short period of time that resolves security issues, bugs, increases performance, or adds new / improved features. Only in December 2018 there were 4 major updates. They are generally done automatically and you can never know when they can make your site stop working properly. There may be compatibility issues with the server, the installed theme, the plugins used, or even the actual update itself to be corrupted. They rarely encounter situations where a customer has been losing work for months because he did not have a periodic backup and someone to help with updating and repairing the website.

Maintenance is not limited to issues that may occur with the site. It can be used to make changes to content such as adding new pictures, adding articles or editing texts. From changing pages to modifying contact forms, a professional hand will help you get the desired results quickly and correctly.

Many times customers come back to us after launching the website because they are not able to modify themselves at the site or because they have tried to modify it but for various reasons it does not look good or something has gone wrong. These situations may incur additional costs that are higher than paying for a few months of a maintenance subscription and may even close the site until all issues are resolved and this affects the smooth running of the business. In the ugliest cases, the whole website was lost and it had to be restored from scratch or from a very old backup.

Finally, I can only recommend everyone to do maintenance, especially after leaving a new website. It will help you save money and get rid of stress when problems occur or you want to change something at the website. A healthy website is needed for a healthy business in this digital age.

If you are already our client and have no maintenance from us, you know that we have heard at least once after our collaboration has ended, right?

Author: Marius Chiriac

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