Tempora identity

Seed Consultants creates the new identity of the Temporal Law Bureau

The Seed Consultants branding agency has completed the construction of the Tempora brand, owned by the Cornel Tabarta Law Office, specialized in business law.

In a market characterized, on the one hand, by the tendency of fragmentation of large law firms, full service, from which the seniors are detached to create their own law firms, on the other hand, establishing strategic alliances between offices local law and international law, and especially the threat of entry into the market of major international players, lawyer Cornel Tabarta realized that a healthy business model starts from a well-built brand strategy. Therefore, he decided to implement branding concepts and reorganize his law office by calling on Seed Consultants’ brand consulting services.

The branding process was quick and based on the organization’s external and internal audit and analysis.

“The very simple and clear truth we have discovered together with the Temporal is their formidable desire and capacity to build a united team, not unique individuals who will become the drivers of the business. This was the key point of the new brand’s backbone – Tempora is a self-standing entity born of the sum of all the personalities of its members, “says Andreea Lupu, Brand Consultant at Seed Consultants.

Based on a young team with strong and distinct personalities, but extremely united and results-oriented, with mentors that give them all their support and trust, giving the team the chance to move forward on the hierarchical scale, the values ​​of the new brand have natural result: unity, transparency, mentorship.

Thus, the visual identity Tempora was born as a simple game of letter and color, suggesting the idea of ​​”unity in diversity”. Moreover, in line with the values ​​of the brand, a visual / verbal territory, based exclusively on the testimonies of the team members, was created, proof of the transparency and importance of the word in the profession he practices.
“I like to think that any good lawyer wants to be associated with a reputable name and in career you have two options: either you associate yourself with a consecrated name or make a name (we like to call it” brand ” ) own. Personally, I find it very motivating to build a brand from scratch and I am glad that I found in Seed Consultants the creativity and vision that I needed to set the foundation for Tempora. I think the future in the service industry belongs to branding and the fact that together with the team at Seed Consultants we have managed to implement branding in a field as sensitive as law, it is an opportunity for profound satisfaction for all of us, “says Cornel Tabarta after the launch of the brand.

Raluca Beldiman “Pinky”, Brand Designer at Seed Consultans, believes that “lawyers have given birth to the new brand. They all have a lot of passion in what they do, but they all work for a common purpose. I wanted this to be seen from the first contact with visual identity. It is precisely in the spirit of “transparency” that the entire visual area is built from a series of printed testimonies in all the developed materials. Thus, “dialogue” is started and must be continued by the client, “says the designer.

The Tempora brand was launched in April this year. For more details visit www.temporalaw.com.

The project was finalized following an excellent collaboration between Cornel Tabarta and Silvia Dinca and the project team from Seed Consultants made up of Dochita Zenoveiov – Managing Director, Andreea Lupu – Brand Consultant, Raluca Beldiman – Brand Designer and Roxana Iancu – Project Manager.

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