Branding Angst

Angst branded by Seed Consultants

The Seed Consultants branding and design consultancy, the exclusive partner of Landor in Romania, has completed Angst’s corporate rebranding process. The rebranding project was a very complex one, including brand audit and strategy, brand architecture, visual identity development and brand manual, and brand engagement strategy.

Founded in 1991, Angst is the first private factory in the meat products industry, with a spectacular evolution over the years. Thus, at present, the company is one of the most renowned meat producers, but also one of the most important retailers, holding a chain of 25 stores.

Due to this tremendous development of the company, Angst’s leadership team felt the need to revitalize the image and align the brand architecture by calling Seed Consultants.

The rebranding project was launched in May 2008, covering several phases. In a first step, brand audit was developed, which included interviews with the most important stakeholders. In addition, several workshops were held with Angst employees, following which the Seed Consultants project team developed the new brand platform.

“We used Brand Driver PlatformTM as one of the most effective branding tools developed by our partner Landor, creating the strategic and creative foundation of the Angst brand,” says Roxana Iancu, Project Manager Seed Consultants.

The visual identity was then derived from the Brand Driver Platform, created by Raluca Beldiman “Pinky,” Brand Designer at Seed Consultants, who also developed brand manifestations and identity guides. “When we talk about Angst, we are talking about a united team, as a family, who has continued to develop the Angst brand as a lasting and prestigious brand that will always offer quality products. The symbolic elements portray Angst as a mark of tradition, but especially with its own and distinctive personality on the market. In this category we find the symbol of a royal flower, designed especially for Angst, to which we added the five brand-owned stars that will continue to be the basis of any Angst quality product, “explains Raluca Beldiman.

The logotype is a contemporary reinterpretation of the Gothic font used by the Angst brand, the completely redrawn letter giving strength and stability. The authenticity and the power of distinction also derives from the classic exterior form that includes the whole drawing, inspired by the story of the forged iron applied on the fence of the old houses, giving more personality to the brand.

The project also included the development of the brand engagement strategy needed to make the new promise of the brand among all employees known, the stage that was based on quantitative and qualitative studies among employees.
The implementation of the project will be a long-lasting process, with the new identity being integrated into product brands in the Angst portfolio as well as at the retail level.

At the Angst rebranding project a team consisting of: Sorin Minea, President of the Board of Directors, Stefan Padure – Vice President, Monalisa Tudor – Marketing Manager, Maria Garoafa – Marketing Assistant.

The project team from Seed Consultants was made up of Roxana Iancu – Project Manager, Andreea Lupu – Brand Consultant, Raluca Beldiman – Brand Designer, Bogdan Diaconu – Brand Designer, Alina Balan – Project Executive.

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