A day in the life of a graphic designer

07:15 In a very surprising way I wake up to the third alarm. I disable the other two and transport me to the shower. I promise every night that I will not make it longer and that I will sleep earlier, but for nothing, passion keeps me awake sometimes until the morning.

7:45 I do not have time to eat, so I take my laptop and go to the office.

8:30 I stop at the ready to go café from Romana to feed because I know I will need it. The fears were confirmed to me. 20 emails are waiting for me, of which about 7 have priority 0.

9:30 Finalize the mock-ups for a 5-margaret mansion. Already imagine me putting my riding boots, riding their fields with the sun in my eyes, picking up crap and enjoying nature. My colleague quickly wakes up to reality because we have to get to a date with a client.

11:00 We come to the handicraft chocolate for which we have created our visual identity. The customer is very excited, from the 3 creative routes presented choose one that was my favorite, which is very satisfying.

12:00 On our way to the office we find a gluttery, so we stop to reward ourselves for earlier success.

13:00 Back to the office. I find myself burdened with tasks. Far from being my field of interest, I realize that research is inevitable for a customer in the sports betting area. Once you identify the main competitors, it’s easy to draw some ideas.

15:00 I get feedback for a branded book delivered last week, so I’m going back to the rehearsals.

16:00 Who said that retouching is an easy task?

17:00 A new client arrives at the headquarters and is anxious to meet our team. I’m activating in the shoe industry, so my immediate interest strengthens me.

18:30 The last meeting today reminded me of my innocent pleasure – shopping, so I enjoyed some small bouquets and coquette to satisfy my appetite.

21:30 With all the distractions, I still think of my work. I still have to figure out what I’ll do tomorrow, where I’ll see friends with a story …, hmmm! What does this boy do … so I’m on the phone, check out some new art trends, get a few recommendations for movies, ah! I remember seeing a movie that approaches the symmetrical and hey frame, as if something happened today in the world, I’ll check it out too, so tonight will end late and tomorrow morning I’ll miss a few alarms.

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