Inca de la prima interactiune cu echipa INOVEO am avut o chimie perfecta si am stiut ca rebrandingul COMETEX este pe maini bune. Colaborarea cu Dochita si echipa a fost pur si simplu extraordinara. Vibe-ul […]

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Working with INOVEO, and especially Dochita, has left a very positive impression on our organization. For us, it amounted to a full recognition of our activity and our teamwork. It also meant taking a moment […]

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TEILOR is a true story which started two decades ago in Pitesti, on Teilor Street. A family business and local brand which succeeded in going beyond the borders of Romania. While expanding internationally, we understood […]

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We chose INOVEO for their structured method and approach, for their comprehensive and detailed offerings. The way they get to know you and your project felt like an “initiation,” so congratulations on your methodology and […]

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I thought branding was a process which involves boys and girls from the agency getting together, drawing something, and then sending it to us. But now I understand that it’s so much more than that. […]

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Cand ceea ce cauti este creativitate si continut original, este foarte dificil sa iti conturezi specific cerintele. Am simtit echipa INOVEO ca fiind parte din echipa noastra si impreuna am reusit intr-o perioada extrem de […]

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It was a challenge for me to choose one particular agency from the multitude of highly competitive service providers in the market. We started with INOVEO on smaller-scale projects until we had gained confidence in […]

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Enthusiasm, passion, openness, and authenticity – all backed by solid experience and professionalism. We found all of these in the INOVEO team. Our collaboration with them and Dochita started off with a very important project […]

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Good Noiz

Ma intreb cateodata cum descrii ceva MAGIC? Si functie de stare si moment gasesc raspunsuri de tot felul… Cateodata, asociez MAGIA cu un UNICORN. Si cand ma gandesc cum as putea sa descriu calatoria mea […]

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In 2009, we chose to work with INOVEO, an enthusiastic and passionate team that loved marketing and was not afraid to create bold brands. We were at the end of a cycle, and had decided […]

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Entuziasm, pasiune, deschidere si autenticitate dublate de experienta si profesionalism pe toate le-am gasit inglobate la echipa INOVEO. Mi-a placut foarte mult modul in care au inteles piata si competitorii, auditul intern si analiza vizuala, […]

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It will sound amusing, but I only started to really appreciate the need for branding after I created my 3rd company. I think I mostly learned from mistakes. In my opinion, a branding component included […]

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I started collaborating with INOVEO in May of 2019, when I was searching for a professional team to help us develop the concept of a new brand, Marelvi, from scratch. We arrived at the decision […]

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Arctic Stream

We started our journey in rebranding without even knowing what branding is. Working together with Dochita and the consultants at INOVEO, we not only began to understand how important branding is for a company, but […]

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I am not really good with words, but let me put it this way – when the INOVEO team brought us ESHO, I had the same feeling as when my wife Clara gave birth to […]

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I started my journey towards change with my foot on the brake, being still attached to the old visual identity, but Dochita and her magicians made breaking up with the old a lot less painful. […]

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My Word Is

My Word Is, ca multe alte proiecte antreprenoriale, a pornit de la un vis… apoi o idee… apoi o multime de idei care au schitat un business plan. Si am ajuns inevitabil in punctul “…si […]

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Working with INOVEO for our branding was an interesting and enjoyable experience for us. Ours is a comparatively small project, and we first believed that they might not be willing to take it on due […]

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A brand starts with an idea, and every brand has a story behind it, or is a story in and of itself. This is where INOVEO, “the storyteller,” comes in. It’s very difficult to start […]

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When Dochita asked me to write a paragraph for this testimonial, that was the first time she asked me: “Why INOVEO? Why not another company?” Up until then, I hadn’t asked myself that question, because […]

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When you start working with a company that boasts such an impressive portfolio, at first it might feel as if the team were made up of robots. However, once we started working together, and impressed […]

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Our need for a coherent visual identity and a homogenous brand concept arose after being in business for 15 years. It took us almost two years from our first phone call with Dochita to actually […]

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Setting aside everything that means professionalism, structure, and efficiency (because all of these words define them), I chose INOVEO for the sense of trust and creativity I felt, and for the opportunity to see my […]

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We worked with INOVEO on branding a probiotic launched on the Romanian market, Impruvis. Having worked in marketing and advertising prior to meeting INOVEO, I thought I had it all planned out and that I […]

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We represent a family business in Bacau, and consider ourselves a small business, although we are getting closer to a figure of two million euro in sales (turnover). This business is my parents’ third child. […]

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Even though on paper I’m the founder of Dumbrawa Raw Vegan, in fact, I’m a cofounder with INOVEO. I knew what I wanted in terms of product. I even knew the next steps coming after […]

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We work with world-class companies which have chosen us because we are very good at manufacturing textiles. Excellence defines us. But I’ve always felt that we have to prove it, because our image didn’t express […]

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We met the INOVEO team when we decided to rebrand our company after being in business for 18 years. When we first met, Dochita won our trust in an instant. Together with her team, we […]

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There comes a time when there is a need for change. You don’t know what to do to improve your company’s image and the way it’s perceived in the market. Searching for someone to help […]

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Cuplu Calator

We looked for an experienced partner who could understand us and offer us the identity we needed. From the start, we knew that it was not going to be just business branding, but also branding […]

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I saw the INOVEO team again at Austral’s anniversary pitch. I had previously worked with them on a small segment of rebranding Lugera-The People Republic, and did not hesitate for even a second to invite […]

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I admit that before we started the rebranding project, I was not aware of who Dochita and her team were. But I was curious about the unusual name, and wondered what INOVEO stood for. And […]

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I am very satisfied with the collaboration with Dochita and her team. Our project, Zonen, took shape in a very professional manner. Thank you, INOVEO! […]

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Bavaria Plastics

Pe Dochita am vanat-o literlamente, mi-am dorit colaborarea cu ea. Consider, acum dupa ce procesul de branding este finalizat, ca am avut langa mine un adevarat specialist care nu numai ca a adus un suflu […]

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Megagen Romania

Following discussions with the shareholders of Megagen, it had become clear that we needed to change the company’s way of communicating, the way we saw ourselves, and the way we related to our industry. We […]

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Deco Architects

Our first encounter with INOVEO happened in 2016 when we started a rebranding campaign and needed a team who was capable of offering a new vision for the future of our brand. We chose INOVEO […]

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When I first approached Dochita for creating a brand for Kooperativa, we didn’t know exactly what we wanted yet. Her experience and ability to extract the right ideas from us was an enormous advantage, and […]

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The collaboration that Progresiv and INOVEO had was a match made in heaven. I say this thinking of how important it can be to have the right chemistry with the people you collaborate with. This […]

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We chose to work with INOVEO because they had the most convincing work methodology. Before creating our new Logo, they emphasized brand values and conducted “in-house” research as well as researching our clients. They ultimately […]

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I met Dochita many years ago when we were both attending the same EMBA program. I knew she had branding expertise, so when the need arose to consult on branding, we studied her current projects […]

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Although it was our first collaboration with INOVEO, and we had a rather complex project, we found the team to be available, professional, flexible with our requirements, and careful about the identity of our organization. […]

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Raiman is the second project we’ve developed with team INOVEO. The branding process went according to plan, and we stayed in touch during the entire project. We trusted from the start that we’d receive very […]

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We were looking for a way to differentiate ourselves in a very competitive market, to have a robust visual identity, and raise our brand awareness – to be UNIKAT (one of a kind). That is […]

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More than a year after we first met, there is still only one word that comes to mind when I think of INOVEO – PROFESSIONALS! Although our expectations were high when we first contacted them, […]

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Clinica Promed

We started with one thing in mind from the time we were still in the preparation stage: if you want to become visible you need to enter the market with a strong brand. Dochita and […]

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TOFF Dominium

Their professionalism and creativity are the cornerstones of a fruitful partnership. Thanks to INOVEO, we now have a visual identity and materials that reflect our brand values. I highly recommend them! […]

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A company always sells its services when it comprises the perfectly balanced ratio of quality and price. Prior to contacting them we had already researched the industry, compared offers, and analyzed projects already completed for […]

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We called on Dochita & her team because, first of all, we needed a strong name for our company, and then secondly, a website. We already had a list of agencies, but weren’t able to […]

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My family and I met Dochita in 2017 when we, as one of the largest wine producers in the Republic of Moldova, were looking for a professional team with aspirations and innovative ideas. We needed […]

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I read a lot about branding and did some mega research before I chose someone to work with. Maybe for many entrepreneurs, branding is just the “cherry on top”, but I dare say it’s the […]

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For me, INOVEO showed up providentially at the exact moment when I was looking for someone to help me create a visual identity without having a clear idea of what and who to approach. We […]

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We had been looking for a branding agency who would be able to help us draw up a new product, something novel for the Romanian market, namely, bicycle advertising. I had been working in communication, […]

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Team INOVEO caught my attention during a BVB (Bucharest Stock Exchange) seminar about Branding and Brand Identity. In fact, I went there purposefully for meeting them, without them knowing. From the way they presented various […]

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Bel Punto

For me, meeting with INOVEO was the first step towards what it means to work with those top-level professionals I felt I needed. I had learned about them from clients of theirs. Just like you […]

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Guilty Pleasure

Imagine the beginning: an entire team of four professionals listening to all the stories told by a potential client during four long meetings. The client was us, the ones from Guilty Pleasure, Love Made Chocolate. […]

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The brand is the key element in the process of developing a company. The website is the interface and virtual mirror and represents our business. Choosing the right collaborators for creating and developing these things […]

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We started our project with Dochita thinking that we needed rebranding, and discovered that we really needed to launch a new brand instead. One that would offer us the confidence that it could completely represent […]

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Ovidiu Oltean

YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS INVEST IN REBRANDING MORE WIILLINGLY. We say more willingly because when we met Ovidiu and he asked us for a quote, he told us passionately about the symbols incorporated in his logo at […]

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Conacul Archia

We needed some people we could trust, who could give us a push, and support our reasoning and vision. And we found them at INOVEO. They stood by us and liked our project very much. […]

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A start-up needs branding even more than a well-established brand. Why? Because they are entering a competition and need to project trust and attention to details more than any other brand. And because it doesn’t […]

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MARKETING BELONGS TO THE NEW GENERATION. MANUFACTURING AND HR ARE STILL IN THEIR PARENTS’ BACKYARD. We were in our office by Cismigiu park when the client from Sibiu paid his first visit. He didn’t speak […]

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Enzo Margi

I am the owner of the brand Enzo Margi, a brand that wouldn’t exist today without INOVEO. I want to tell you that team INOVEO has exceeded my expectations. I had a very complex project […]

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Being at the very beginning of the road and the search for a team that could help me build a brand, I found Dochita and INOVEO. From the first conversation that I had with Dochita, […]

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