Our passion makes the difference. It’s our people that turn INOVEO into a magnet for innovative brands and cool entrepreneurs. Before we start any project, we want to meet you and your team. Come to our office! Meet us here, in our environment. And feel the vibe of our yellow nest.

We are passionate. Not perfect. And we like it that way. We’re only human after all. But we’ve been doing marketing and branding for more than 20 years. Working for smart entrepreneurs with cool ideas, just like you. We like coming to work in the morning. We respond slower than would like. Dress more casually than expected. Think of us more as consultants than order followers. We’ve been taking bits and pieces from each of our clients. Don’t be surprised if we borrow something from you. That’s what we’re looking for. Entrepreneurs to surprise us. People that have something to teach us.

2 words on who we are:

Bam or Bogdan Diaconu. Coming from Neamt, he walked his way through Iasi, Bucharest, and got back to his roots. He comes to our office once every 2-3 weeks to share his Senior Designer expertise. The rest of the time, he works from his enchanted hut in Dobreni, Neamt. In love with the fine arts, Bam draws by hand, draws in 2D, 3D, 4567D. Also builds houses. Like, really. His enchanted hut is built by the very hands he draws with. And it’s made of adobe. How’s that for staying true to one’s calling?! In Bucharest, he started working in advertising in 1999. Spent some time in production. Spent some time on the client side. He’s been in branding since 2006. Learned in Hamburg, where Landor got him on board for two large projects on the local market. His sweet daughter Smaranda follows in his steps, artistically speaking. Bam loves a good game of table tennis, cold beer and the sourdough bread made by his wife. Of which he sometimes brings to the office. A bit too seldom for our taste. Also, he speaks in a lovely Moldavian accent.

Marius and Chiriac, named after his father. Our over-qualified jack-of-all-trade. Jack-of-INOVEO. Coming straight out of Braila, from the Danube shores. Traded the cod for the code. Turned Web Innovator. Do you have a web project? Marius gets it done. Has it done it before? Maybe yes, most likely no. But he doesn’t take no for an answer. A 5-minute trip online and he comes back with a viable solution. Working hard, he’s the kind of guy who’s after 10 houses in 5 years. Built out of coding and developing. BTW, there’s no cod in the Danube, that was a hoax. And yes, he’s the table tennis master. Luckily we don’t play for money. We would all go broke in a matter of hours. So, if you’re in for a slick web project or a steamy ping pong game, better call Marius!

Alin Darie thought he was going to be a programmer. Or something about exact sciences. But he discovered design, and all his experiences so far tell him he’s on the right track. A track started in 2004 and went through ad production, BTL, ATL, trade marketing, and web design. Both in agencies and at the client, he wanted to experiment with all that the communication market has to offer. That is why branding came as a natural choice, an in-depth adventure guided by past experiences. Otherwise? Lego, Starcraft & Catan to play with his son, SF & Fantasy to read and see, rock and reggae to listen to 🙂

Juergen Bamberg. Designer at heart. He creates emotional bonds between people, products and brands. Over 25 years of experience in working for some of the most influential brands in the world. Accumulated skills across multiple disciplines. Still hungry and eager to create. A snapshot of the clients he had the honor to work with: Arla, BMW, blau.de, Continental, Douglas, E.on, Interpipe, innogy, Ikea, Johnsson & Johnsson, Kaufland, Montblanc, Mercedes Benz, Renault, share now, Volkswagen. He worked at Superunion, Landor&Fitch, Metadesign and Jung von Matt in a variety of roles, from Designer to Senior Design Director and Creative Director. From 2021, he’s been working in his own design office. He brings design and brand strategy to life and creates brand experiences that drive brand awareness and growth. Thrilled to partner up with INOVEO as a Creative Consultant. He can barely wait to show his creative impact on Romanian brands. In sync with the rest of our design team, of course.

Dochita. & Zenoveiov. A lot of syllables. Just stick to ‘Dochita’. From Radauti, Bucovina. Right below the map hanger. She’s been doing marketing since 1999 and branding since 2007. Learned from the best, at Landor. ’Cause they’re the ding in branding. They master the method. The recipe. They have offices all across the world. So if Dochita had any questions in the early days, she used to call them. Lately, not so much. Because after 15 years of branding and teaming up with Romanian entrepreneurs she has all the right tools in her bag. Her experience on the client-side in FMCG, retail, and mass media (in a Romanian group with TV stations, newspapers, online media, and whatnot) also helps to answer hard questions. She’s always searching for smart people. She knows to get on the same page. She’s a doer. Mother of a Gen-Zer that prepares for Medical School. Dochita has a big dream: to do good. For her team. For her clients. For their brands. She also dreams of magically turning E85 into a highway. And of a country that takes pride in its people. A country in which she wants to eventually teach. Anything. For now, she stays true to her call: Brand innovator.

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INOVEO is what it is today also thanks to a bunch of really nice people that used to be part of our team, no matter how briefly. With a few of them, we still work on specific projects. Big thanks go to: Robert, Emil, Catinca, Sandra, Tudor, Razvan, Maria, Matei, Victor, Bogdan, Bam, Mirela, Andreea, Pinky, Marius, Roxana, Catalina, Vlad, Marina, Carmen, Ecaterina, Bianca, Elena, Ema, Dana, Sabina, Eda, Roxana, Sorin, Cristiana, Corina, Ana-Maria, Bogdan, Dana, Cristina, Adina, Cristi, Vali, Diana.

We also thank our global partners from whom we learned the branding business, back in 2006. They gave us procedures and tools for branding and rebranding. We asked questions, we teamed with them on branding projects, in and out of Romania. We keep in touch, even though many of them are no longer part of the Landor. Thank you: Emma, ​​Florian, Florian, Florian, Andreas, Marina, Felix, Peter, Jane, Charlie, Natalie, Andrew, Nicholas, Tony, Ritu, Ingeburg, Juergen, Henning , Lorenz, Karsten.

Many thanks to those who’ve helped us start on our branding path: Catalin, Camelia, Corina, Dan, Crenguta, Anita.

Thank you to those who have been our mentors since 1999: Dan, Siminel, Orlando, Florin, Razvan, Catalin, Dan, Liana.

Last but not least, a big thank you to our colleagues and friends from: Seed Consultants*, Vel Pitar (Berceni Bucuresti, Mopariv Ramnicu Valcea, Granpan Tecuci, Panegrano Cluj, Pangran Iasi, Spicul Arges, Gorjpan Targu Jiu) owned by Broadhurst Investments Limited and administrated by NCH, Ringier Romania (Libertatea, Prosport and Capital), Gazeta Sporturilor, www.gsp.ro and INTACT Media Group (Antena 1, 2, 3, 4, Radio Zu, Romantic fm, Jurnalul National, Income Magazine).
*This was the name under which we started our branding journey back in 2007, all the way to 2015.