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novatik portofoliu branding brandbook
novatik portofoliu branding brandbook
novatik portofoliu branding brandbook
novatik portofoliu branding brandbook




Prahova born Final Distribution company, a leader in the premium roofing market with natural stone coating, a partner with Seed Consultants* team working closely together to redefine the corporate brand, has identified a market untapped by Romanian manufacturers in the construction area – production of pluvial systems.


Final Distribution Management has decided to enter this product segment by launching its own brand of performance stunts with an innovative system following a considerable investment in a new line of performance. The new brand had to be easily integrated into the company’s portfolio and aligned with the strategic distribution platform of Final Distribution. The company’s management team appealed to Seed to make the name, positioning and visual identity of the new line of products.


After identifying the main competitors in this market, Seed created the brand platform, whose essence lies around the idea of innovation and aspiration, and the creative compound name, Novatik, was made up of the words “new / novator” – referring to the innovative character of the products – and “atic” – with the versatility of “top of the roof” and “beauty, good-taste”. At a graphical level, the overall concept of the logo can be described as representing the idea of progress, aspiration and innovation. The aspirational symbol and the use of vivid colors, along with the simple logos without serifs, create a distinctive visual identity with a contemporary image. Developed brand communication applications deliver the same value and premium image of the brand, from the level of used photos to the quality of materials and printing.

*The name under which our branding agency operated between 2007 and 2015 was Seed Consultants. We are proud of our roots.






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