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Laboratoarele Vorel



Plantavorel has a tradition in producing food supplements since 1825, and today it belongs to Romanian entrepreneurs and enjoys the reputation of a Romanian company with history. In 1942, 120 products were distributed, distributed worldwide under the brand of Vorel Laboratories, while enjoying the prestige of the title “Functor of the Royal House”.


In 2011, Plantavorel is chosen as the “Most Promising Romanian Brand” at the first edition of the program with the same name, benefiting from the expertise of Seed Consultants* in developing a branding program tailored to its needs. The diversification of the product portfolio, the development of players in the food supplements industry and the entry on the Romanian market of strong international competitors determined the need to redefine the Plantavorel brand and the development of a differentiating image.


The first steps in defining the brand consisted of running an internal and external audit program among key stakeholders, strategic workshops and creative sessions with top and middle management representatives. Following the insights they have gained, Seed consultants have developed brand strategy in line with the company’s development needs and modern consumers. In this context, it was necessary to redefine the image of the company so as to instil tradition and trust, both among employees and among partners and consumers. After consulting with the management team, the strategic decision to transform the name of the Plantavorel brand into the Vorel Laboratories was taken, thus continuing the tradition of 1825 and imposing the highest standards in the manufacture of food supplements. The new universe of Vorel Laboratories is centered on a fresh, modern visual identity and a unique tone of message and graphics. The essence of the corporate brand articulates the mission of the company: to continue the technological development and diversification of the product portfolio, talking about the most effective combinations of plants, vitamins, minerals and other natural substances of the highest quality. The concept of visual identity starts from the shape of a coat that basically articulates the entire construction of the logo, thus declining the symbol of protection, safety and care for the health of consumers. The “Blazon” is the visual way to draw attention to detail, the continued development of products and the desire to improve the health of Vorel consumers. The logotype is a modern, innovative re-adaptation of an organic font, the complete redesign of letters referring to the unlimited potential of nature that Vorel Laboratories turn into energy sources for the human body. One of the modern, differentiating elements of the new brand is the use of a dark red-violet shade, a symbol of refinement, but also a royal, impressive, noble color that makes reference to the significant history of Vorel Laboratories. The launch of a new brand identity and visual territory is the first step towards transforming Vorel Laboratories into a modern, innovative company, but at the same time it contributes to the revival of a tradition of nearly 190 years.

*The name under which our branding agency operated between 2007 and 2015 was Seed Consultants. We are proud of our roots.






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