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galador package design brand
galador package design brand
galador package design brand
galador package design brand
galador package design brand




The passion of a local entrepreneur in Transylvania for natural products motivated him to experiment and search for years his own formula and recipes for the creation of natural cosmetics, made of vegetable elements, based on natural processes, different from synthetic ones. Over time, his hobby became a small business, and in 2006 he launched a range of natural soaps under the brand “Galador”.


Galador has become well known and appreciated for the quality of its products and properties, and in 2009 the business owner decided to create an attractive packaging design that would convey the attributes of the product. Another objective was to change the structural design of packaging so as to allow rapid soap dispensing, as packaging is made by hand.


The Seed Consultants* team conducted a market analysis, identifying the points of differentiation and the benefits of this type of natural products, based on 100% vegetable elements. Visits were made at the soap-creation point, an idyllic area at the foot of the Cindrel Mountains to understand the entire manufacturing process. The essence of the brand was naturally articulated, “Closer to nature!”. This is the message that aims to pass closer to nature and to the consumer, thanks to the care that ingredients and flavors are processed and dosed, the product being manually manufactured by cold process. Using a palette of natural colors in the packaging design, the idea of ​​a man-made vegetable product is expressed, while the craftsmanship with which the soaps are made is shown in the special packaging paper that looks like a handmade. The graphics remind of the shape of the soap – a unique form, patented by Galador – and the vegetable ingredients. The new design was received with enthusiasm by Galador’s customers and attracted an impressive number of new customers, following the re-branding of the market share by 250% and the profit by 400%. This performance brought the Seed Consultans portfolio and a design efficiency award from the prestigious “ReBrand 100” competition in the United States in early 2011.

*The name under which our branding agency operated between 2007 and 2015 was Seed Consultants. We are proud of our roots.






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