firesco rebranding inoveo logo
firesco rebranding inoveo logo
firesco rebranding inoveo bar chocolate
firesco rebranding inoveo bar wild berries
firesco rebranding inoveo marshmallows
firesco rebranding inoveo biscuits cocoa
firesco rebranding inoveo biscuits
firesco rebranding inoveo logo chocolate cake
firesco rebranding inoveo milk cake
firesco rebranding inoveo cake
firesco rebranding inoveo prajitura pandispan
firesco rebranding inoveo prajitura pandispan
firesco rebranding inoveo prajitura pandispan
firesco rebranding inoveo prajitura pandispan


Project description


Firenze is a Romanian company, established in 1994, which markets food products of European origin and is present in most of the major retail chains. In 2011, Firenze decided to redefine the image of its own Brand Naturally by creating a new packaging design.


Management saw the opportunity for the Firesco brand to gain ground at the expense of its competitors through better merchandising and shelf differentiation, taking into account the great international players with whom it competes in the bakery and sweets market. In this context, the Seed Consultants* team has been designed to create an attractive packaging design for the entire portfolio of products, from truffles to pretzels and mini doughs.


Starting from the internal and external audit of the company and the analysis of the domestic and international market, the brand has emerged as well as a new challenge related to the brand name of the product. It has some recognition among clients, so a total renaming along with the change of design could be confusing. But “Naturally” is a word with a very general meaning, which does not attribute positive associations to products, so the agency’s recommendation was that the transformation of the name resulted from the addition of the “o” particle, having the advantage of international resonance and similarity to the Italian term “firesco” Which means fresh. The insights gained from this stage, together with the strategic and creative workshop with the top and middle management of the company, led to the outlining of a brand promise aligned with the company’s development goals and the needs of active consumers: “Part of European gourmet culture.” For packaging design, a contemporary, powerful and visible graphics have been developed by creating a complex concept, that of the “galaxy,” which is also found in the dynamic graphics of the logo, illustrating the diversity of the product portfolio. A distinctive note is given by the translation of product categories into a coloristic game, a strategy that helps to quickly identify the product on the shelf, but at the same time allows the extension of the categories and their localization in the case of launching new products. The entire line of products to be marketed under the Firesco brand will be integrated under the new brand positioning (European gourmet culture) and aligned with the new packaging design.

*The name under which our branding agency operated between 2007 and 2015 was Seed Consultants. We are proud of our roots.






Analysis and audit

Brand platform

Visual identity

Package design

Brand implementation

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