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logo ciserom rebranding inoveo
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The Romanian socks market is made up of a small number of brands that have hardly managed to build their reputation. The entry of the import products on the market has gradually gained the attention of consumers. Currently, import goods are dominated by the market, whose quality and price are placed at two opposite extremes: either they are of high quality or of doubtful origin.


Ciserom is a sock production company able to compete with other players on the market. With a tradition of 85 years, the brand has experienced a strong expansion since the 1990s. The company’s retrofitting was the starting point for its development. Our challenge has begun to re-energize the interest of consumers towards traditional Romanian brands. In this sense, there was an acute need to revitalize the image of the Ciserom brand, to outline values that are compatible with the company’s working style and a dynamic visual identity to support the brand.


Seed Consultants* accepted the challenge of turning Ciserom into the most valuable brand of socks in Romania. Developing the new visual identity has been a new challenge for our designers. The developed logo successfully blends the color and tradition of color. Thus, it is able to convey trust and good mood, enthusiasm, lust, freedom, feelings that you can live when wearing natural materials with a pleasant texture and a personality congruent with yours. Visual identity encompasses the value of tradition and color, a gem made of colorful yarns, a symbol of longevity and the pleasure of creating colorful things for loved ones. Ghem Ciserom is the color of everybody’s life, the recipe for a successful day. The new identity connects to the old one only by keeping the name CISEROM, but it brings new and differentiating elements by introducing the processed, balanced and dynamic font, and by inserting the new graphic element, the colored ball. With the new identity, CISEROM also felt the need for a package change. Seed design team has developed a new label concept that follows the dictated direction of the new brand platform.

*The name under which our branding agency operated between 2007 and 2015 was Seed Consultants. We are proud of our roots.






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