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Angst portofoliu inoveo Brand Book
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Angst Company is the first privately-owned meat products industry since the 1990s, well-known locally for the superior quality of its products. Over time, the company expanded into the retail area, holding a network of nearly 30 supermarkets. Under the Angst brand, the company owns a network of stores and sells various meat products ranging from traditional Romanian products to international delicacies that are distributed in their own network, as well as in traditional trade and large key accounts.


The strong expansion of the company, the development of players in the meat products industry and the penetration of new external competitors have created the need to revitalize the Angst brand image and create consistent brand values. At the same time, it was necessary to define a brand architecture that would support the brand’s manifestation in the categories in which it operates.


Seed consultants* have developed a series of workshops and interactive sessions working with Angst’s project team, from which the insights behind the brand strategy and the new architecture have emerged. The new corporate brand Angst was created based on tradition and expertise in the field, and the visual identity is based on the symbol of a royal flower, joining five-star icons that convey the superiority of the brand in the category in which it operates. The logotype is a contemporary reinterpretation of the Gothic font used by the Angst brand, the fully redrawn letter being strong and distinctive. The redefinition of the brand also included the development of the brand communication strategy needed to make the new promise of the brand among the employees, the stage that was based on quantitative and qualitative studies among the employees.

*The name under which our branding agency operated between 2007 and 2015 was Seed Consultants. We are proud of our roots.






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