rebranding andu stationary
rebranding andu stationary
rebranding andu stationary
rebranding andu stationary
rebranding andu stationary
rebranding andu stationary
rebranding andu stationary
rebranding web andu inoveo
andu portfolio inoveo before and after rebranding




ANDU started the production of knitwear in 1997, from the desire to produce natural materials products, thus meeting the consumers who want high quality domestic products. The products have been successful among consumers, so the portfolio has been diversified through the marketing of home and sports articles and ANDU has reached the point where it needed a well-defined image and articulated positioning.


In the summer of 2011, the company’s management turned to Seed Consultants* to create a corporate brand platform and a differentiated visual identity on a market dominated by competitors with international notoriety.


Based on a complex project approach methodology, the rebranding process started with a profile market audit and an organizational audit involving the representatives of the shareholding and the sales department, a complex team with different personalities, but united and result-oriented and efficient. Starting from the results of the analysis, the brand platform and its values ​​were defined: energy, perseverance, trendsetter, leadership, ANDU being a brand that defines active and healthy lifestyle. In this context, the development of visual identity has been a real challenge for Seed designers who have created its concept based on the idea that ANDU has all the advantages of becoming a lovemark based on the undeniable quality of products. The logo encompasses a memorable and friendly symbol, that of an elephant that conveys the idea of ​​care, positive energy, intelligence, protection, feelings that you only live near a close person. Elephant ANDU becomes practically the best friend who accompanies you every day and urges you to adopt a healthy lifestyle, move, enjoy the energy of your favorite sport or just a walk in the park. The new visual identity keeps a connection with the previous one through the red color, but it brings new and differentiating elements by introducing the processed, balanced font, from which the elephant symbol itself forms. Along with the new identity, the company also felt the need for a change in the concept of retail, for which Seed designers developed the whole environmental experience of the ANDU brand in stores: the presentation of articles on certain criteria, the development of window design according to the product seasonality, the integration of the elements brand in creating interior design.

*The name under which our branding agency operated between 2007 and 2015 was Seed Consultants. We are proud of our roots.




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