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Project description


Exhelios was founded in 1991, selling for the first time the Boicil Forte ointment, the well-known anti-rheumatic ointment invented by Timisoara doctor Boici Vasile. Although the company was well-known in the Banat area, it did not have a significant reputation in Romania.


The challenge of Seed Consultants* was to develop a modern, fresh brand-new Romanian brand in a market dominated by imported products. As a result, the process of rebranding and updating the Exhelios image was made by the birth of the new Aliphia brand, the umbrella under which the already existing products will be made.


Following a complex methodological approach to the project, the rebranding process started with a consumer audit and competition followed by an organizational one. Following the analyzes, the Aliphia brand platform was determined. Visual identity was the result of an important process of creative evolution for the Seed team, who managed to capture the essence of the values desired by Exhelios: beauty, purity and naturalness. These elements uniquely characterize the new Timisoara brand.

*The name under which our branding agency operated between 2007 and 2015 was Seed Consultants. We are proud of our roots.






Analysis and audit

Brand platform

Brand architecture

Visual identity


Brand implementation

Package design

Online experience

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