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The Alexandrion Royal is the pinnacle of the Alexandrion Group business concept in terms of the history and exquisite quality of its brands and products, which will be showcased in the Alexandrion Royal Hotel. It will embody the history and brand values of the group’s business.

The founding president of the Alexandrion Group, Dr. Nawaf Salameh, had a vision for the Alexandrion Royal, which has a fresh, contemporary idea and would provide visitors a special, unforgettable experience.

Multiculturalism, elegant design, furnishings, and the highest-grade materials are all brought at Alexandrion Royal. The Alexandrion story visually unfolds from the reception across the floors and rooms design.

Each floor houses a part of Alexandrion Group’s Heritage

As part of the experience the guests will see the Nawaf Salameh family history on the ground floor, the Alexandrion Foundation on the 1st floor, Saber Elyzia Antarktys on the 2nd floor, Alexandrion Brandy on the 3rd floor, Carpathian Single Malt on the 4th floor, Brâncoveanu on the 5th floor, and Rhein on the 6th floor.

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