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Dan Pascu


The INOVEO team has captured my attention at a BVB Branding and Brand Identity seminar. Actually I went especially to meet them, though they did not know that.

As they approached the topics in this seminar, I realized that it was not a team that stayed in one man, each member had an area that he covered very well. We then understand that brand development is a complex process, not at all left to the inspiration of the moment, and that the INOVEO team approaches this process in a clear and structured way.

I wanted to know them better (what we did) and we worked together to brand a fresh start-up (Abylo) from the group of companies I represent. I think it’s hard for the solutions presented to please everybody from the beginning, but I was impressed by the flexibility / adaptability of the INOVEO team to find solutions every time I twisted a little. Finally, I have come to an excellent result and I think they have been able to capture perfectly Abylo DNA, why it exists and what its mission is.

What I recommend to other partners is that Branding and Brand Identity will not reinvent the wheel and wait for a moment of inspiration (as we say: sit on the edge of a mountain lake and listen to Baroque music waiting to hit our idea), but to consider them as a complex process that they deserve to go with a team of professionals like INOVEO.

Brandul tau vrea sa fie INOVat?