Brand communication strategy

Creativity, strategic planning, and design. These are the ingredients for building a memorable brand experience through memorable brand applications.

Building a brand is the first step. Communicating the brand is the second. Both are equally important. They make each other complete, as neither could stand alone. You can’t build a house without a foundation, but neither a foundation without the project of the future house.

Brand communication should be carefully planned ahead, not left to chance. You need to have brand materials ready for each of the brand’s audiences. The materials may be structured by product or service, and by the life cycle of each of those. You also have to factor in the company’s size and the resources it can allocate for implementing the brand communication.

Packages for various types of companies


The basic package should be enough for a startup. It includes a business card, website, and Facebook page.

Middle-size companies

Pentru acestea este nevoie de: Pachetul Startups, template Powerpoint, o prezentare a companiei in format electronic, prezentare a ofertei comerciale.

Large companies

To the brand materials already mentioned for middle-size companies, a large company should add a brochure, a corporate presentation video, maybe a separate video for its services, then annual reports, sales catalogs, and internal communication documents.

Internal brand communication

This package applies to all companies’ employees, but we may customize it according to company size. For large companies, we recommend creating an induction brand book for new employees, an integration plan, a plan for assimilation of the brand platform (mission, vision, values), an evaluation plan, and other materials to foster community cohesion.

Pick a solution based on the following criteria:


Check the strategic partnerships of the agency and its portfolio.


Check the consultants’ background, the number of combined years of expertise in the market, and the competencies of the team that works on the project.


The tools that the team uses in developing and implementing the brand communication strategy.


Check the visibility of the agency in the market and the reviews they got from previous clients.